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It’s our pleasure to answer all of your questions and solve any issues you’re facing anytime. Thus, our team will be always in support and ready to do everything possible in order to make your experience fast, easy and comfortable.

Nevertheless, kindly take some time to read the listed frequently asked questions and their answers. Which may help answer your questions and save your time.

In case you didn’t find an answer to your issue, of course you’ll find our team in support.

In case of emergency go to the nearest hospital within the medical network.
  • You have direct access to the emergency room with just your Membership card.
  • All required services will be done (examination or any kind of investigations & treatments) instantly without any delay.
  • In case of hospitalization/ operation required the hospital will handle any approval requests with our approvals team & call center.
  • In case you need any further assistance or support call our call center on 16830.

If you’re looking for a medical provider, you can explore our network, through:
  1. Our Mobile Application: Login to our mobile application. Then, filter providers by type (or specialty) or by city.
  2. Our Website: Under “My Med Right” Section. Choose “Medical Network“. Then, login by using your username and password. Hence, you can search our medical network using filters.
  3. Network Booklet: We deliver a network booklet along with your medical card in the package you receive from Med Right. For instance, you can find any provider in the index. Which filters medical providers by type and by city.

The following services require approval from Med Right before you visit the medical provider (In case of the medical provider is not working with Med Right’s Online portal):
  1. Hospitalization / Surgical Operations.
  2. Physiotherapy sessions.
  3. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
  4. Multi-slice CT scan.
  5. Hormonal Investigations & treatment.

A) If you are visiting an Online Medical Provider (a provider using Med Right’s Online portal):

The receptionist present at the medical provider will send an online request to the approvals team

  • It takes within 1 to 2 minutes maximum to receive feedback.

B) If you are visiting an Offline Medical Provider (a provider not using Med Right’s online portal)

In case you required an approval from an offline provider, send your request & mention the name of the provider where you require to perform the service at, through:

  • Email to the approvals department on
  • Client Portal through HR
  • Mobile application
  • Fax : +2 02 2517 4937
  • WhatsApp number +2 010 9717 8324
  • It takes within 15 to 30 minutes maximum to receive feedback.
Documents required for approvals:
  • Membership card (mandatory)
  • Claim form which includes the requested service & medical diagnosis (mandatory)
  • Clear medical report (In some cases)
  • Available Investigation reports as Radiology and laboratory reports (In some cases)

Prior approval is a procedure required by Med Right. Before the member receives certain services. Whereby the physician’s recommendation to perform these services is answered with approval or rejection. The purpose of medical approvals is to ensure:

  • The beneficiary is receiving the service which matches with his case & its progress.
  • This service is covered by the health care program.
  • The remaining limit for the member and registrar allows this service to be covered.

In non-emergency cases, the services listed below are not covered by the health care program
  1. Congenital diseases, genetic disorders, birth defects and injuries, premature babies and delayed developmental milestones.
  2. Self-inflicted voluntary harm, injury or sickness, attempted suicide.
  3. Participating in illegal actions that fall outside commonly accepted behavior or any attempt thereat. Participating in activities involving the armed forces, paramilitary, security forces, ambulance, lifeboat, police.
  4. Participating as amateur or professional in any race other than on feet, or in professional sports, hazardous activities such as: Any form of aerial flight, ice hockey, power boats, jet-skiing, diving, horse riding, climbing activities, hunting, power vehicle rally or competition, boxing, wrestling and all kinds of martial arts.
  5. Preventive (non-curative) treatments like vaccinations, inoculations, dietary Supplements etc…., Routine medical examinations such as screening, general or particular check-ups, medical certificates and examination for employment or travel.
  6. Allergy testing and desensitization, Chromosome studies, Immunological studies.., Alcohol, drug or substances abuse.
  7. Mental, psychiatric and related disorders, including but not limited to bulimia, anorexia nervosa, special diets and sleeping problems investigations and treatment.
  8. Sexual dysfunction, fertility, infertility, birth control including contraception, sterilization and similar conditions together with their complications, Sexually transmitted diseases and conditions including, HIV (AIDS), or any related conditions, however these are acquired .
  9. Treatment with Interferon and all medications with similar active ingredients except for the local products or equivalent cost.
  10. Organ transplantation, except kidney. All organ donation expenses and related investigations.
  11. Prostheses, corrective devices, medical appliances not required in the course of a surgical operation and non-medical supplies, medical shoes , foot arcs ,hearing aids, breast pumps , walking aids, artificial limbs, nebulizers, air chambers.
  12. Any Medicine not Licensed by the Ministry of Health while an alternative is available and registered. Substances and products that are not considered as medicine such as herbal treatment , toothpaste, lozenges, antiseptic solutions, milk formulas, diapers , food supplements, non-medically necessary vitamins , skin and hair care products including treatment of acne and hair fall , cosmetic products.
  13. Plastic, cosmetic, dental and gum surgery or treatment unless resulting from an accident occurring after the effective date. Surgery for the correction of sight, Lasik operations and keratoconus, Alternative medicine including but not limited to chiropractic, acupuncture, and other means not scientifically recognized or officially approved.
  14. Hospital confinement for convalescence, rest, prophylaxis, quarantine, isolation.
  15. War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities, civil war, revolution, rebellion, civil commotions , terrorism, sabotage, martial law. Pollution or contamination from any source of chemical, biological, nuclear or radioactive source.
Unless explicitly stated in the Table of Benefits of your contract or on your Membership Card, these accessory services are not covered as well:
  • Pre-existing conditions.
  • Maternity services include: pregnancy, anti natal care, postnatal care, delivery or abortion and any relevant complications.
  • Dental and gum treatment, except abscess drainage.
  • Optics: Vision test, fitting of glasses or lenses and cost of frame.

You should submit the following documents to your HR:
  • The original physician’s prescription.
  • A detailed medical report.
  • Copy of all investigations and laboratory test results (in cases of hospitalization or surgical operations).
  • Original invoices and receipts for all procedures done (signed and stamped officially)
  • Pre-authorization approval from Med Right (where applicable) All reimbursement claims should be submitted together with the necessary documents within 90 days from treatment date.

The payment will be delivered to the client within maximum 10 calendar days, provided all required information and documents are received.

Send to the chronic team your request on email with:

  • Your most recent monthly medications prescription, It should be clearly showing your full name, medical diagnosis, doses of each drug, duration (in months) which the medication plan is required to be repeated.
  • Investigation results (laboratory or radiology) related to your medical case

You will receive back a confirmation email that your medications have been added to the pharmacies online system.

After receiving this confirmation, you will have access to dispense your monthly medication with your Membership Card only, from any pharmacy using our online portal.

N.B: In case you have any changes to your monthly medication (whether it’s a dose change or a drug change) you need to submit the updated documents before the end of the current month by at least 3 working days, In order for us to make these changes on the system before you dispense your medications the next month.

You are advised to update your monthly medications every 6 months at most after visiting your doctor