What is a Med Right medical approval?

With the dependents workspace, you will be able to manage multiple accounts of you and your family. The dependents workspace allows you to work as your family members or your dependents and apply for approval requests as well as reimbursement claims on behalf of them. Furthermore, you will be able to track the status of the submitted requests and get notified whenever it’s changed.

Medical services that require prior approval

  1. Hospital admission.
  2. Physiotherapy.
  3. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
  4. Multi-sector CT scan.
  5. Tests related to hormonal diseases.

How to submit a medical approval?

  • If you need to submit a medical approval request, kindly note that it is a simple step and you can do it through one of a various methods. Please, check the FAQs section in order to learn more about how you can submit your pre-authorization request.
  • Please review our user guide and the FAQs section before submitting your request, in order to make sure that you are following the correct steps. We promise you will receive a quick response from our team. Moreover, just make sure you do not submit your request more than once for our team to make sure they contact you correctly.

Requesting a medical pre-authorization from Med Right is a two-step process, as follows:

  • Firstly, you choose the type of request whether a new approval request or cancelling a previous request. Then, you fill in basic information like your name, company name, membership ID and your e-mail. Please make sure to enter the correct information and a valid e-mail address because you will receive your approval via e-mail.
  • Secondly, you enter more advanced information like provider name, request category (For instance: Hospital Admission) as well as any additional notes that may support your request. Along with uploading any related documents based upon your request
  • (If you don’t know the documents related to your request. Please, check the FAQs section to learn more).
  • Finally, click on “submit my request” button to send your request to our database. Subsequently, you will receive a response from our team as soon as possible.

Please note that, in case of emergencies you don’t need pre-authorization.

Request For Med Right Medical Approval

Submit Your Request For A New Approval Or For A Previous Approval Request Cancellation.